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Vancouver is now the home for CSSA Annual General Meetings

Since our inception ten years ago, our AGM has been held in Las Vegas as part of the annual Self Storage Association (SSA) Conference.

In 2014, all non-profit organizations had to amend their by-laws to comply to new federal legislation. One of the changes is that we are now required to have our AGM within 6 months of our year end, which is December 31; therefore we must have our AGM prior to June 30. The only opportunity to get together prior to this is our Western Canadian Conference in Vancouver, and this year we successfully held our first AGM on Canadian soil.

This new legislation is the main reason we have moved our AGM to Canada.  We also feel that this will be a welcome change to many Canadian operators who have for many years wanted to see this Canadian association have their AGM in Canada.

Join the AGM by teleconference:
In order to be all inclusive and get the input of all operators Canada-wide, this meeting and all future meetings will be available by teleconference.  This was very successful on April 24, 2015 when the first AGM was held in Vancouver. AGM 2016 will be held on Thursday, June 23 at the next annual Western Canadian conference of the CSSA, held at the Simon Fraser Institute Centre for Dialogue in downtown Vancouver. More information will be posted to the website when available.

All members in good standing will receive official notification of this meeting well in advance.