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Things may seem like they have been quiet on the Active Passive Tax Issue front, but in actuality that is the furthest from the truth!  During this past summer the CSSA visited Self Storage Operators in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.  We held luncheons for storage operators and shared a wealth of education on this particular CSSA Initiative.  All of these Atlantic Canadian Self Storage Operators were encouraged to rally together and reach out to their local Federal politicians to make them aware of how this is affecting not only these small businesses in their ridings, but families and people!  Within 24 hours of the Moncton meeting we were contacted by Mr. Bill Marr (co-owner of Lighthouse Self Storage, Moncton) who had moved quickly and had requested and been granted a meeting with Ms. Ginette Petipas Taylor, Federal PC MP.  Ms. Petipas Taylor represents the riding of Moncton – Riverview – Dieppe in the House of Commons of Canada and is a Member of the Liberal Party.  

On Tuesday September 13, 2016 Sue Margeson – Director of the CSSA was joined by 2 representatives of the CFIB and CSSA Members who own and operate storage facilities across New Brunswick, P.E.I. and Nova Scotia for a very positive meeting with Ms. Petipas Taylor.    Ms. Petipas Taylor seemed quite supportive of our request of exemption to the minimum employee rule and has promised to take this to her next Liberal MP Caucus Meeting in New Brunswick and is hoping to get this item on the Agenda of the next Atlantic Canadian Liberal Caucus meeting both of which were to be happening within the following couple of weeks.  

This is great news, because as we have been finding many of the politicians that we have been speaking with, had no idea of the huge negative impact that the Active/Passive Tax minimum employee tax rule is having on all independent self storage operators across Canada.  At this time we have yet to receive any feedback from Ms. Petipas Taylor, however as soon as we do….this is the place to come to see all updates on this and all of the active CSSA Initiatives.

A huge thank you goes out to Bill and Tobi Marr for moving so quickly to get this meeting arranged and to all of the Self Storage owners from across Atlantic Canada that took the time out of their busy day to attend this very important meeting.  Also a very special thank you once again to the CFIB, for not only attending this meeting but for your constant support of the CSSA and for NEVER giving up and NEVER going away!!

If you would like more information on how you can set up one of these meetings in you municipality, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sue at 1-888-898-8538 or email at info@cssa.ca  

Remember the CSSA Motto…..T.E.A.M.  (Together Everyone Achieves More)!                     We love it when CSSA Members get involved!

CSSA Logo Stacked - High Resolution - Website Image