In the past few weeks there have been two publicized incidents in Ontario where there have been parties or large gatherings inside self-storage properties, despite Covid-19 related restrictions.   These negative impressions in the media about our industry hurt everyone involved and bring unwanted attention. 

It is the CSSA’s position that the self-storage industry provides a valuable service to the public, and has been particularly instrumental in supporting the changing landscape throughout this pandemic.  Most operators have been diligent in maintaining their operations consistent with the guidelines provided by governmental and health officials. 

We are saddened that a few individuals have taken it upon themselves to use self-storage facilities to gather and congregate in a covert manner.  The CSSA does not support or condone such behavior and will cooperate fully in any efforts to curtail these gatherings.   The CSSA also acknowledges that these incidents are isolated, initiated by customers, not self-storage busines owners. 

The CSSA is calling on all self-storage owners to diligently look at their operations to ensure that preventative measures are in place to prevent or limit the ability for people to host parties or gatherings within their properties. 

There are a few things that can assist operators in prevention efforts.  Reviewing cameras, monitoring persons entering and exiting, establishing access hours, and communicating with tenants are simple ways that may assist in preventing these activities.  As always, the CSSA remains available as a resource for self-storage professionals seeking guidance or advice on these or any related issues.