Some Self Storage operators have instituted a new protocol to help prevent the spread of some common viruses.  Listed below are suggestions for steps staff can incorporate into the daily routine:

  1. Take one disinfectant wipe
  2. Follow the path of a customer and the surfaces he/she would touch while walking through the premises:
  3. Front Door handles, inside and outside of door
  4. Payment terminals/counter
  5. Customer Sign in Area – pen, pad and counter surface
  6. Washroom – faucets, door handles (both sides), toilet flusher
  7. Door to Loading Bay – wipe door handles both sides
  8. Garage Door Opener buttons
  9. Carts – wipe handles
  10. Elevator call buttons and floor buttons inside the elevator
  11. Other areas specific to your location ___________________________-
  12. When done, throw away the wipe, then wash your hands thoroughly


Every day at 1:00 pm and during security close (take wipe with you during the close routine)


MORE OFTEN (after 3 or more customers have come in, or more often if you feel it necessary)


Please wash your hands as soon as you arrive at work, prior to leaving work, and every hour while at work (in addition to other appropriate times)

Thank you for helping to keep our workplaces as germ-free as possible, as we all do our part to
help prevent the spread of viruses.


The following is an example from the BC Chamber of Commerce of signage that you can post to help prevent the spread of this virus with your employees:

In addition you may wish to post signs around your site reminding and inviting your customers to wash their hands upon entry and exit at your facility….for example:

Dear Customers:

We are taking extra precautions to help prevent 

the spread of viruses.

We invite you to visit our office during office hours, to

wash your hands when you arrive

and/or before you leave our facility.

Thank you